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Screen Printing
In screen printing, ink is pushed through a screen/mesh stencil with a squeegee. The ink is cured and should last up to several years.

There are so many options with screen printing. Plastisol is our go to ink, but we are familiar with discharge, water based, and several other inks and methods.

We have the ability to crank out thousands a day, and often, we do. We love playing/testing out different ideas and methods.
Plastisol Printing
The most commonly used ink in screen printing. We print with Plastisol on 50/50 shirts, Hooded sweatshirts, 100% cotton shirts, most items.
Discharge Printing
A water based print is used on 100% cotton shirts, and leaves a soft feel. It doesn't usually work well with blends *(like 50/50 shirts), and doesn't work with all colors/dyes. Generally Plastisol inks are brighter than discharge inks.
Waterbased Printing
Waterbased ink leaves a soft hand and works well for printing on white and light shirts. Simulated Process Print: Do you have a full color design, or a design that is a photo-realistic? We can run your design through a program that separates the colors into small dots, and when printed together, they appear to have blends.
Take your shirts to the next level, try adding your tag. We can print your labels. Information you’ll need to include in the tag are: Country where the item/product is made, what it’s made of: 100% cotton, 50/50% cotton/poly – for example, as well as the size.
Glow in the dark
Glowing ink can be added as another print color.
Print that changes colors from UV rays.
A heat applied foil can make your design pop, but it is one of our methods that breaks down the quickest.
Need to show up in the dark? We’ve got reflective ink and vinyl.
Puff Ink
Add some thickness to your ink,it will add texture.
Super Gel
Add a sticky texture/grip to your design.
Fire retardant
We can add this to your inks.
Add a tonal print to your items.
PMS Color Matching
We'll match your PMS color for $10 per color.